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The Problem

Entrepreneurs battle daily with mental focus. They know they need to get a bunch of stuff done and they have a list. The problem is when they start to actually work on this list they are constantly being distracted by their monkey mind. This monkey mind is telling them at once ALL the things they should have done, should be doing and still need to do. All while they are trying to communicate just one pearl of wisdom that could change somebody’s life forever.

Being able to focus clearly on one goal or task at a time will multiply your productivity. This is not news to you. But how do you get to a place where you can stop or at least limit the detrimental effect of monkey mind?

The Solution

I believe this is best accomplished when you are able to get yourself in a receptive state that allows you to take in the positive energy you need and get rid of the negative energy that’s blocking you. This way, you don’t have all that baggage of the “woulda, coulda, shouldas” keeping you from getting things done. I believe this exercise can leave the old you behind and let you taste a better version of yourself. Each time you listen and practice, it gets easier and the effect is more profound.

5MMTUIt Won’t Cost You Anything To Try

This is not the lead in for a premium product. It’s also not a “teaser” audio that doesn’t really do much but promises if you buy something else, THAT will really help you. No, this is the exact method I use everyday to calm down my naturally busy mind and get me focusing on what’s important. The Five Minute Mental Tune Up audio will help you from the first playing to get more mental focus into your daily routine. Each time you do it the effect will increase if only slightly. That’s one of the reasons buddhists refer to meditation as a practice. One time won’t work miracles by itself. It’s building on your practice that really starts seeing results.

What’s The Catch?

None. All I ask for is your email address and your feedback once you’ve done the session a few times. Tell me what you like and don’t like. Of course, if it’s helped you have a breakthrough, I’d love to hear that too!

Just enter your email address below and after I confirm you’re the one that requested it, you’ll be able to download the Five Minute Mental Tune Up audio and get started on clearing out the mental junk and replacing it with new and better programming. See if this program isn’t the missing link you’ve been searching for!

All the best on your journey!


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